We always believed that there was a more eco-friendly way of providing portable toilets than moving them pre-built in small numbers up and down the motorways as current providers do.  We are now very proud and excited to offer an alternative to that method.

The innovative assembly system of our toilets enables us to transport 4 toilets in the space of 1 pre-assembled one.  Thus meaning we can deliver 4x the amount of toilets to an event in one trip, reducing emissions by 75%.

With an approximate assembly time of 2 minutes we believe it is time well spent as opposed to burning endless fuel driving back and forth.  The further benefit is by dismantling our toilets we are also able to thoroughly clean each and every part after the event has finished ready to ensure the toilet is fresh and ready for the next event.

Our base in Central England gives us a great starting point to provide a competitive service across the UK.

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